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Brad Fitzpatrick

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goodnight [Apr. 16th, 2001|12:16 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
who's the movie predicting masta?
yeah, yeah ... i am.
watched fallen with blythe, chuck, and eva.
silly squirrel was actually a cat, but other than that i predicted it all
good movie
more fun bugging blythe acting retarded, though
need to sleep, getting tired.
it's my older little brother's birthday today (16th) ... turned 19
yeah, sleep time.

From: thatgreenjesus
2001-04-16 12:37 am (UTC)
It should be noted for the masses, that The fallen is indeed the WORST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF..UM..MOVIEDOM. The plot is terrible to begin with (anyone up for Shocker?) that song is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE (did i mention terrible?) and the ending...UGH...the most terrible thing of all. Please, help me warn the people, help me get the word to the masses! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. DO NOT GO NEAR IT. IF YOU ENCOUNTER IT IN A VIDEO STORE, CALL THE CDC AND HAVE THEM REMOVE THIS VISUAL PLAGUE.

For the love of all that is slightly good, SPREAD THE WORD.

p.s. i've heard of this movie killing babies and raping houst pets.

p.p.s. sesame street hates the fallen. if you dont, does that mean you hate sesame street? DO YOU?
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