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Brad Fitzpatrick

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goodnight [Apr. 16th, 2001|12:16 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
who's the movie predicting masta?
yeah, yeah ... i am.
watched fallen with blythe, chuck, and eva.
silly squirrel was actually a cat, but other than that i predicted it all
good movie
more fun bugging blythe acting retarded, though
need to sleep, getting tired.
it's my older little brother's birthday today (16th) ... turned 19
yeah, sleep time.

[User Picture]From: randomzen
2001-04-16 08:41 am (UTC)


I live three blocks from the School (Dobson) where that shooting was (just outside of the basketball court). It was the scene where that white-trash looking chick was like "but i'm still having fun..." (or something).

You wanna know why I mentioned this? I need to feel special somehow, damnit.

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