Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


um ... went to class
drove downtown to speakeasy and installed bebe. LJ now has 6 servers. w00t. managed to screw stuff up while i was there, even though i wasn't touching anything. i realize now i brought blythe's ethernet cable there, not one of mine ... whoops.
worked on LJ all day, even though i said i'd only do it an hour
thinking about doing school stuff now.
school's been easy so far, but I have this strange suspicion it'll be kicking my ass in a few weeks here. no, not a suspicion.. i know. i can read the syllabuses .... they say so. "Next week: kick brad's ass."
made eggs for dinner.
we don't have a toaster... i was gonna make scrambled eggs toasted sandwich deluxe.
been working on my wishlist lately on my palm pilot. whenever i think of something i whip out the pilot. dreaming is fun, even if you don't get it.
i really need to get a laptop though... yeah yeah.
okay, homework time.

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