Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Paper is done. It was almost done before I started writing it. (2 page hard maximum ... had to shrink my borders down to make it fit.) I didn't even proof-read it... that's how much I care. It'd be boring to read, and I'll get a good grade anyway, since the class is stupid.

Now I have to do a study guide for the same class... major differences between Herodotus and Thucydides? Hell if I know ... haven't read any Thucydides yet. Don't feel like it, either. Maybe I'll go skim it enough to go BS something.

I should be given a damn medal for my BSing ability. I can take no knowledge whatsoever and turn it into something that sounds really deep and profound. I procrastinate a bunch and can never get started too quickly, but once I get going --- watch out. Crap be flyin' all over the place.

I'm so sick of school. I totally want to drop out, but I don't think my parents would like that.

I'm so close too .... after this quarter I have 27 total credits left: 5 more writing credits, 6 visual/literary/performing credits, 2 senior electives, and then I guess 14 credits of whatever requires the least attendance and least work to get a credit.

This started as a post on short term progress, but I guess the subject works for my long-term progress as well. Bleh. Stoopid school.

Update... 11:50: Screw reading. Those questions were all easy.... answered them by making stuff up. Hooray for dedication to excellence! LJ time until 12:30 or so, then sleep.
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