Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


took a long time to fall asleep but once I did it was a damn good nap. that is, until turd butt came throwing a fucking pencil at my window to wake me up. grrrrr.

watched survivor. go colby, go colby. wish keith was voted off, though, not rodger.

talking to tcolton for awhile .... he was mentioning selling his LJ account on ebay since he has such a low number.

some girl in my classics class today amused me by saying, "600 B.C.? That's like the time of the dinosaurs." I go, "No, not really... not at all. Dinosaurs were millions of years ago... dinosaurs and humans didn't ever live together." She goes, "Oh, well .... I didn't take that class." *sigh*
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