Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LJ problems ... what's new?

mod_backhand is disappointing me. I hate to do it, but I think LJ needs to buy a commercial load balancing box... I'd prefer to stick with open source, but open source all too often sucks. But it's so close to working! My feeling is that the FreeBSD 4.x support in backhand isn't as developed as other platforms.... it's relatively new. hopefully dormando or theo can fix it.

Went to do the hardware upgrade of Cartman and Kenny today but I didn't make it to Airborne Express in time, so I couldn't pick up the drives. what a waste of a few hours.

Everything seems like a waste of time lately. Especially school. I want to drop out. No, not "drop out" ... quit. Dropping out sounds like I can't take it so I ran away scared. That's not it at all ... school just pisses me off. It's easy, boring, and a waste of my fucking time. But yet I go! I'm going to party so much when I'm done. I can't wait. How much longer? Ummm.... damnit.

Guess I should go read or something.

I'm getting away from LJ problems. Stupid backhand.

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