Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Today can best be summarized with one word:


Everywhere! I had extensive and unintelligent conversation with both Chuck and Kenji about how much skin was showing today on campus. Typical fragments of the conversation include, "Oooh look, there....", "Wow.", "Nice.", "Hos!" (Kenji), and my favorite from Chuck: "Bounce, bounce, bounce." Yes, a good day for sight-seeing. I was looking forward to seeing Blythe lookin' sexy in a skirt, but then she changed her mind.

But I'm not just talking about girl skin .... there's 3 shirtless bodies at 7324 today too. It's so nice that all three of us are walking around in shorts. If only the camera was here already! (no ... first I need to go use Chuck's new weightbench and get in shape.... heh)

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