Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stoopid midterms, thai food, and a homeless kid.

I had a midterm today in Music ... piece of cake. I love music.
I have a midterm tomorrow in AI ... I'm less than prepared.
I have two midterms Monday, in Classics and History, both involving tons of essay writing.

Not happy.

Monday evening I anticipate that I'll be very happy.

The only good thing about today is that LJ is fast again ... and forever, most likely. Our software load balancing is working like a charm, and we have hardware load balancers on the way. The directory search is coming back again soon, too. We have the new harddrives for it in Kenny, but haven't yet set stuff up. Ask me about when it'll be back and I'll fucking maim you. Seriously. :-) Welcome to my personal journal. Go bug the official channels ... like the support page or something. They'd give you the same answer anyway, "when it's ready".

Okay, now that I'm done with my LJ user rant, back to personal stuff.....

Went shopping today and got $100 of groceries, including all the necessary ingredients to make Chicken Phad Thai ... Mmmmm. So damn good. Blythe and I are Thai cookin' masters now.

Watched Survivor ... bye Elizabeth! Eli's out $5. Only Scott (with Tina) and me (with Colby) remain ... $25 to the winner. Blythe had Nick ... he's been gone forever. Kenji ... I forget who he had. Heheh.... all your $5 are belong to us, bitches.

I hung out with a homeless kid on the Ave this morning ... pretty cool guy. He offered to watch my bike for me so I didn't have to lock it up. I opted to lock it up, but then we got into a discussion about the best place to get food on the ave ... most places were still closed at 9:00 this morning. He said, "you're getting food, take me!" He was so energetic and funny that I said, "sure." So he goes, "let's go to pizza brava! I'll race you!" So he sprints down the street from taco bell (a good 3 or 4 blocks up) and he's racing across 45th without waiting for the walk sign. He's making good progress and I think he's going to win, but the bike prevails and I beat him there by mere seconds. Unfortunately, they were closed even though their sign said open. He jumped in through the window and asked when they were going to open ... 20 minutes. He really wanted food, but I had to get to class and BS my homework.

Okay, long enough entry... time to go shower and study for AI.
Tags: bike

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