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It's so past my bedtime.
I wanted to sleep at 11.

... but LJ had to break.

Stupid MySQL, gots to be breakin'.
Dormando is going to post about it shortly... I don't feel like it.
Recommend Postgres and I'll kill ya.
I don't have time to learn Postgres as well as I do MySQL, then port LJ.
You do it, then mail me.
Plus, Postgres is probably just buggy/deficient in its own ways.
No, wait .... I know it is.
But don't preach to me... I've heard it.
Go fucking port LJ, then I'll care to look at Postgres again.
Last time I used it I didn't care for it much.
Oh yeah... write code to migrate from MySQL while you're at it.

I have to go sleep to flunk a midterm tomorrow I haven't studied for enough.

Good night.
Tags: mysql, tech

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