Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LJ people everywhere!

So, blythe and I want to help collegegirl move. Star helped us move too, Moni's (ex-) roommate. While moving stuff, this girl in the elevator recognized Blythe and I and asked, "moving out?" I said... "No, helping a friend." She asked, "Collegegirl?" I said, "yeah... you know her?" "No... I read it on somebody's LiveJournal. You're Blythe, right?" I asked... "who are you?" "temptress, not that I'm a stalker or anything," and went off. Damnit --- Blythe's been recognized twice in public from LJ people we don't know and I've never been recognized. Anyway, we brought all Moni's stuff over to hollybear's place, where markle helped us move stuff in. Afterwards Blythe and I went to Red Robin where I saw patrick, hijinx, and two of their friends which I'm told were recently converted to LiveJournal from diaryland. I also recognized Bethany's roommate from last year working there, but I forgot her LJ username.

So yeah .... lot of LJ people. If I forgot one of you, let me know. (Moni, your roommate have an account too?)

Study time I guess. I just want to sleep.
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