Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Filing a complaint with AOL?? No!!!

Hahaha ... This has got to be the funniest email I've ever got from a stupid AOL person:

This Live Journal was put into my computer by someone and I can't get it out. I do not know the password, secret code or anything like that I just want it OFF my computer. Let me know what to do or I will file a complaint with AOl. John Warnecke ( Act Quickly dammit
Hahahahahahahahahaha. I'm going to cry ... this is so stupid. :-P

I replied:
Filing a complaint with AOL??? That's got to be the stupidest thing I've
ever heard. Go ahead, do it --- watch them laugh at you for being
dumb. Seriously, dude... it's not their fault, and it's definitely not my
fault. AOL doesn't own the Internet, as much as you may think.

It's your friend's fault for installing the LiveJournal client on your

Uninstalling software is TRIVIAL in Windows. Do this:

-- Click Start
-- Click Settings
-- Click Control Panels
-- Double client Add/Remove Programs
-- Find LiveJournal in the list
-- Click Remove

That's how you can remove any program on your system.

I recommend you remove AOL, too, as it's fucking dumb.

- Brad
I forgot to give you my telephone number PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATLY
John Warnecke xxx-xxx-xxxx ( Please I want you off my computer.
I reply:
I'm not on your computer. A program I wrote is. I didn't put it on your computer.... one of your friends did.
More, more:
I haave already used the settings/control/remove/ program, but the program is still in the computer. Hey asshole get it right--I din't know how it got on there but you are listed as the one to contact--call me John Warnecke xxx-xxx-xxxx

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