Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


This weekend went way too quick.
But at least I got stuff done! Yesterday I did this, and today I did this. Hooray for clean code!

Here's how much homework and reading I did:

What was that? Oh, none. Yeah. I'm great. Damnit.

I think this week at school will be nice and easy, since we just had midterms last week. Yeah. I'll keep telling myself that. I'll ignore the book report on the book I haven't even opened yet.

In other news, Blythe's on crack:

(00:15:05) Blythe: where'd the fish go?
(00:16:21) Brad: what fish?
(00:16:25) Brad: in blythe's tummy?
(00:16:41) Blythe: here fishie fishie
(00:16:42) Blythe: :P
(00:16:50) Blythe: theres a fish in my belly
(00:18:19) Blythe: la la la
(00:18:22) Blythe: where is brad
(00:18:24) Blythe: la la la
(00:18:28) Blythe: i will sing a song
(00:18:30) Blythe: la la la

Oh, for all that don't know, Blythe's my girlfriend. I guess I don't mention that enough. You can't ask me to marry you. **cough**
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