Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Fun stuff I can't take:
MATH 409 Discrete Optimization (3) NW
Maximization and minimization problems in graphs and networks (shortest paths, minimum spanning trees, maximum flows, minimum cost flows); transportation and trans-shipment problems, NP-completeness. Prerequisite: 2.0 in MATH 407. Offered: Sp.
I soooooooo want to take that. I'll take 407 this summer (Linear Optimization) just so I can take that next fall. Maybe? Hmmm.

Other fun stuff:

MUSIC 401 Computer Music Seminar 1 (3) VLPA Karpen
Use of computers in musical composition, software digital sound synthesis, score generation, theoretical investigations. Prerequisite: either MUSIC 212, MUSIC 302, MUSIC 456, or PHYS 207. Instructor Course Description: Richard S. Karpen
I want to take that, but none of those prereqs are even offered, so I wouldn't be able to get into it before I'm done with UW anyway.

Grrr... this so sucks. I can't find anything that doesn't suck.

Oh yeah, it sucks that I need 6 VLPA credits left, so I can't get it over with taking only one 5 credit class. I have to find a 3 and 3 or something, but most the VLPA classes are 5 credits it seems.

Goddamnit... music 118 isn't offered in autumn either. There goes a fun 2 credit VLPA class I could've taken.

Oooh.. I could take LING 461 (Syntax) for 4 credits and then LING 472 (Computational Linguistics) for 3 credits, but LING 461 is only offered at 8:30 in the morning. Goddamnit.


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