Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Still Beautiful.

But still not done with my paper.
Went and got the server.. fit in my car fine.
Eli and I went and got lunch at Kidd Valley.
Never been there before.. got a stomach ache afterward.
I've had a stomach ache for the past few days, actually.
I have 5 computers around me. In a few days it'll be 7.
I need some free time to set this crap up and move it to speakeasy.
I took a break to work on a mod_backhand candidacy function.
The existing servers are being better utilized now.
Grrrrurrgh.... stomach ache is back. Terrible.
I want to go to the park ... I can see the whole thing from my window here.
Plan: half-ass essay really quick, then go to park, then setup servers.

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