Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


My paper's mostly done.
Need to review it and maybe wrap it up a bit better.
Took a break to make mac'n'cheese and watch TV.
Watched Discovery channel.... lightning and stuff. Yeah.
Bored bored.
I need to add people to my friends list ... it's moving too slow.

I was thinking of a feature idea... already you can append a group name to a friends group URL and filter your friends list on just that group, but I was thinking of making a group name of "reverse" instead show everybody that lists you as a friend on your friends list... so I could have 400 people on my friends list whenever I got really bored just by adding /reverse to the end of the URL. Anybody want to add that? modify get_friend_itemids in .. add a flag to $opts called 'reverse', then change the first two queries (the one called "what do your friends think of the remote viewer", and the unlabed one ending in "and u.statusvis='V'". Shouldn't be too hard. I'd do it now but I should be working on homework and my stomach hurts.

Back to short lines.
I'm out of food. Mac'n'cheese sucks.
Need to wash my car. Need to get groceries.
Nothing else to write. Guhbye.
Tags: perl, tech

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