Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Friends Only Time!

I started LiveJournal so my friends and I could talk to each other online, in a somewhat public forum. We goof around, we post funny shit, and generally it's fun.

The chubbychicks really pissed me off today. I guess I can't even talk about a fat woman sitting on me without getting bitched at.

So screw you all... from now on everything that I think might be potentially offensive will be for my "offensive" friends group.

It's sad that I can't even write what I want to, but I suppose this was inevitable. I wonder how long it'll be before I start hating livejournal users as much as I did freevote users. All this political correctness is really starting to get to me.

If you're an easy going person and want to be in my offensive group, email me and let me know.... I'm going to make a point to post more offensive stuff from now on, just because I can. First time I hear somebody on my list complain, they're gone. I don't hate any race or size of people, but hell if anybody's going to tell me when I can't make fun of an individual one.

Off to class now.

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