Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

what? i can't hear you.

i have earplugs in and big headphones on... i can't hear anything. i can hardly hear my loud keyboard clickin'. this is weird. i like it.

i'm worried about blythe... i tried calling both her cell and her home but got no answer on either. the last time i heard from her she was freaking out during the message about some weird guy checking her out, then she said something i forgot... probably what she was doing until late at night, i hope. i wonder why her cell isn't on, though.... movie/play/concert? hmm. i need to remember things.

working on my paper... not fun, but not so bad.

dormando's setting up servers.... so relaxing having him taking on a lot of stuff. i want to get whitaker on the payroll... he's a perl machine.

i'm a lot more relaxed these past few hours... getting those 3 servers out of here made me a lot less stressed. don't know why.

ahhhhh! i'm starting to type vi keystrokes in emacs... i must be using it too much now. stoopid vi... get out of my fingers. you know emacs owns joo.

got a world wrapp earlier.... cashier (guy) was extremely friendly. seemed to really like his job ... made me happy. grilled chicken good.

took a shower... kinda sleep. must.... write.... essay....
Tags: perl, tech
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