Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

estoy muy cansado

I so need a nap.

My paper was delayed yet another day. The professor wants to have our first paper handed back before we turn the next one in so we can reflect on it and make any necessary changes. As I was leaving the class I heard a group of 6 guys talking about how they haven't even started it, so now they could start it tomorrow instead. Morons. But then I heard another group of 3 people saying the same thing. Are they all good at writing papers or are they just all morons? Or am I a moron? They've probably all been reading. *sigh*

I need a nap.

I've decided how to make my paper longer... instead of adding stuff to the end, I read through it and found a dozen places to insert more stuff.

I have to read a bunch of stuff for Classics, and write a paper for that too which is due Thursday.

And I have to write a very short writeup for our AI project, which Scott did all the work on.

Goddamn classes.... they were so easy the first 6 weeks. Why'd they have to get so time consuming all the sudden?

I need a nap.

I need to setup the new server so I can cancel the one at Virtualis... if I don't have that setup in the next day or so then I'll be paying another $800 or whatever ungodly rate I pay for that every month. Instead of renting that server, I bought a new one that I'm colo'ing at Speakeasy... much cheaper. I'll also use it for some random LJ stuff, but it's primarily my goof-around server.

So sunny and nice out today... almost too nice. Chuck and I rode our bikes to school. Tons of skin out and about, and on the HUB lawn. Yay for nice weather.

Almost forgot: I need a nap.

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