Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I posted my todo list earlier. Let's see how much progress has been made:
  • pay bills -- made Kenji pay one (since he owes me like $100 anyway) and I paid one. Done!
  • AI writeup -- Scott did it. He also did the whole project. Goddamnit... I suck. I wish somebody could do my classics so I could work on CS stuff that's actually fun.
  • Classics paper -- not done, but it's only 2 pages max, and I think I can BS it fine.
  • History paper -- DONE! And it's not even due for another few days... he delayed it yet again (for the 3rd time). Hey Blythe or Scott... wanna proofread and make fun of it? I actually don't think it sucks as much as most papers I write.
Oh... you know that classics quiz I flunked last week? I thought I only got 2.5 points out of 60 but as it turns out, I not only got the 2.5 points I thought I got, but she also gave me 15 out of 25 points for the essay I totally BSed... seriously, I wrote utter gibberish and she gave me points. Most amazing. So I ended up with a 17.5 / 60 ... 29% Woohoo!

Oh yeah: 7 days of school left!


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