Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Tons o' thing

So hot — kinda good. kinda bad.

Allergies — not good at all. been draining snot out my nose all day onto everything. and the occasional sneeze containing with it chunks of booger. most wonderful. need more allergy medicine.

Papers — history paper 2 got delayed again because history paper 1 still isn't back. today history paper 3 got assigned, which is due friday, at the same time as history paper 2. Grrrr. Oh, and my classics paper is due tomorrow. Good thing about my history paper 3: nobody in the class has been reading. One guy asked, "How much does the book cost?" to which somebody asked, "What? You didn't even buy the book." His answer: "Shit, I don't got money."

Ice gross — our ice tastes gross lately. should we wash the ice cube trays? or maybe our water is bad all the sudden? disappointing. i love sucking on ice all day.

Squirrel Mail — I love the squirrel. Very sexy. Need to setup SSL, though. Debating buying a certificate. Probably will. Need to finish migrating all my stuff over from old to new machine. Stupid school.


Think I'll work on papers now. Kinda hard to think about that thought as I sit here all sweaty without a shirt in my leather chair looking out at the lake and all the people on boats having a good time. Boats = water = fun = no school = no work = no allergies = water skiing = fun. Did I mention fun?
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