Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

blah blah words words

Slept in, skipped some classes, went to a class, worked on server move. I'm sick. Cold and allergies together. Blah.

I'm getting sick of posting lately, for a number of reasons:

  • I can't write.
  • Nothing interests me, so I have nothing interesting to write about.
  • Nothing profound to say.
  • I never have anything happy or positive to talk about. I'm always grumpy. People are always pissing me off, annoying me, or disappointing me. And more often than not I can't write about it because those people or friends of those people read it.
  • I get sick of reading comments. Too many people I don't know reply. Not enough people I do know reply. Too many long threads about off-topic stupid shit.
  • The things I do want to talk about I can't, because the large number of people that read my journal. I'm not the fucking LJ news, but I'm still a friend of 514 people. Seriously, I'm not interesting... take me off your list. Update: I'm just being grumpy. Ignore me.
Grrrrr. Did I mention I'm grumpy?
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