Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bike stuff

Been watching the gardeners for the past few hours. They look damn suspicious. We got their license plate number and moved our cars to make it look like we're not home so they'd steal Kenji's bike. I sat by the window up in my room behind the blinds and watched them while I read my book.

Found the serial number for my bike on my receipt from 2 years ago... yay for keeping records (in the center console of my car).

Chuck's on the phone with the police now, getting a case number and stuff. My mom said I could at least get a break in my taxes for this.... yippee. *rolls eyes*

I'm glad I found the serial number, though... if the bike doesn't get stripped before it's found (if it's found), then I have a good chance of getting it back. One of Blythe's hippy friends was saying 90% of stolen bikes get returned around here. I don't believe hippies, though.

I wonder how much the police actually care. I wonder how much they'll do. Should I call all the local bike stores and see if they've bought a used bike from somebody that matches the description of mine?

I had a gray Trek 6000 with Manitou liquid shocks.... it ruled. I never had problems with that bike like I had remembered with all my previous bikes. *sniffle* Poor bike.

Okay, done mourning for now.

Must go read.... will return mourning for Mr. Bike later.
Tags: bike

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