Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

can't wait for summer.

Read a bunch of Ovid's Metamorphoses ... not too bad.

I can't wait for summer. I'm starting to realize just how damn cool it's going to be.
Summary of previous summers compared to this one:

'96: Parent's. Working 9-5 (Tektronix)
'97: Parent's. Working 9-5 (ZCom)
'98: Parent's. Working 9-5 (Intel)
'99: Parent's. Working 9-5 (Intel)
'00: Parent's. LJ.
'01: Seattle. LJ.

No family bickering[1] and no job. Ahhhh yea'! Shit... getting too excited already.

Okay, going to bed... much more reading to do tomorrow.

[1] Not that they're unusually bad, though. I'd just rather live with 3 people with similar behavior and lifestyles than 5 people that are all totally different.

Update: No, it wasn't the bickering the drove me crazy at my parent's house... it was the damn intercom. Whenever somebody wanted to talk to somebody they used the intercom because we were all too lazy to walk. And it was always beeping and stuff... I think it beeps before a coversation starts. And nobody ever entered the room code before talking, they hit the "All Call" button... most annoying. Worse, whenever one of my, Ryan, or Cole's friends came over that had never used the intercom before they started playing with it, putting their mouth up to the wall to talk into it. I always tried to explain to people--- you don't need to suck on the microphone... it works wherever you are in the room. Does the person you're talking to move to the wall and start sucking on the mic? No... they stay in the center of the room. So don't suck on it. But no... the house was beeping all the time. At least that's my (likely distorted) memory of it. Die, intercom. Oh, but it couldn't die... if I turned mine off everybody got pissed at me. </rant> Back to bed... was brushing my teeth when I remembered the hell that is living with an intercom.

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