Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Reasons to be grumpy:
  • Went to history review session
  • late, so had to drive
  • traffic
  • couldn't find a place to park
  • It was boring
  • 15 lucky people didn't get their 3 paper returned... I was one of them. The 2 I did get back I didn't do well on.
  • had to look stupid and leave early since my time was running out in the pay lot I found
  • I was a minute and a half late so the asshole charged me another dollar... For 2 minutes I stood at the other side of the street waiting for a break in traffic to run across as I watched in going around the lot writing up cars that had been there too long. He got to my car first.
  • hungry
  • tired
  • etc, etc...
Oh, and I have two finals to study for. *sigh*

In happy news, though .... at least my ass isn't sore.

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