Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

studying sucks.

solution to finals studying woes: don't.

I've been doing it all day, anyway. (except for breaks to deal with LJ being DDoSed, that is.)

eating peaches[1], doing laundry, and cleaning my room.

I also moved my tower light into my room so I have light in there for a change. Amazing how easily a little light can brighten a mood[2] On the other hand, I see now for the first time in awhile how messy the place is.

other thing that's relaxing me: finals will be over tomorrow at 4:20 pm[3], regardless if I study or not. hell, maybe that's all the more reason to sleep early. (as if my 8:30 final wasn't reason enough)


[1] from a can. they were put there by a man. in a factory, downtown.
[2] not much.
[3] shut up.

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