Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Finals God now appeased

We had a ceremonial fire to the Finals God. I burned a ton of cardboard boxes from my room and most importantly: all my classics papers and my course packet.

The Finals God is now appeased and I shall do well tomorrow.

Chuck is laying on the floor in tons of clothing, cuddling the space heater. What a weirdo.

Interesting house item: we've decided to move our computers into our own bedrooms, then turn the resultant empty room (where all our computers are now) into a bedroom, by means of a temporary wall which we'll construct. This solves a number of problems:
  • Disparity in room sizes -- one person is no longer stuck in the tiny-ass room while the other two rooms are huge.
  • Noise -- inhabitant of tiny-ass room no longer has to deal with noise from people in the computer room, the furnace, and people upstairs. Instead, it'll be a storage area and buffer area.
  • Masturbation --- Kenji can now jerk off to pr0n on his computer in his bedroom without fear of getting caught. This is the whole reason he brought up the issue of moving the computer to his own room and thus sparking this new plan.
Should be a fun project.

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