Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Done with wall!

The wall is now structurally complete! (All pics)

I should go to bed... I have a final tomorrow. (just music)

Tomorrow I think we'll all start moving our stuff around (nobody is staying in the same place) and then we'll need to tape/mud/paint the wall sometime. We have everything but the paint, but Kenji (Mr. Painter) will have that soon enough.

KICKASS!!! (building is fun)

Oh, and Mom --- I still have 10 fingers. And we didn't destroy the house, and it didn't cost $400-$500 ... only $120. (she was trying to dissuade us from building it, since she's Mrs. Carpenter and I'm only geek son that can't use a saw... isn't that right, ma? :-P)
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