Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stomach best be behavin'

Dear Stomach,

Today is a perfect day. I have nothing to do and everything that could be done.

My only qualm is that you keep rumbling, causing me great pain and interrupting me from my work.

I suspect you are complaining because I put so much chicken fajita in you last night. Is that it? Is it the oily stuff from the pan that all the vegetables soak in? Perhaps I shouldn't have dipped the fajitas in it? Or do you not like the onions I put in my fajitas? I know vegetables are generally poision, but those onions looked damn good.

I'll make you a deal .... stop being a bitch and I'll be nice to you and feed you food you like, okay?

- Brad

P.S. What sounds good for lunch?

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