Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Shit, it's 4?

I woke up at noon, I think. Chuck woke me up to do an errand.

I had a crazy dream... I was at a presidential convention and there were beach balls bouncing around. I was drinking something and a ball came up to my leg so I just kicked it... but then it turns and almost hit the president (bush). I was just like, "whoops" but nobody noticed. Or so I thought! Then the first lady was trying to kill me getting all angry thinking I was trying to assassinate her husband but she couldn't kill me so she tried to set me up. She planted a blue quarter[1] in my coat pocket and claimed I stole it, just like in that movie Trading Places. Anyway, then using that "evidence" she tried to kick me out of school, so I'd never graduate, but there was some loophole where I could write a 3,200 word essay[2] and then I could graduate. At first I thought it was really hard, but then I realized I could just write a bunch of gibberish and ramble, so I was like, "bitch, I'm just gonna write it! hahahah!"

And then Chuck called.

I did his errand then went to World Wrapps.

Been programming since. Wrote a cool script. It keeps my a local LJ tree and two CVS repositories (main and local) all in sync. I'm happy.

[1] I have no fucking idea.
[2] I remember this number. I don't know why.
Tags: perl, tech
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