Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(19:25:30) dormando: my e-mail's down, in case you planned on sending me anything via that tonight
(19:25:35) brad: k
(19:25:44) brad: why don't you fix it? :)
(19:25:52) dormando: well, lesse.
(19:26:02) dormando: heavy lightning storm
(19:26:13) dormando: server stops tracing near the T1s to the ISP rydia's at
(19:26:17) dormando: and I'm not superman.
(19:26:25) brad: well there's your problem
(19:26:38) dormando: I need to be superman. so I could connect the T1s with my hands
(19:28:13) brad:
(19:29:20) dormando: Eheheheh.
(19:29:25) brad: see, I am!
(19:29:32) brad: that's your problem. :P
(19:29:39) dormando: Ahhh, I see it now.
(19:29:42) dormando: So fix my server :P

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