Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(00:43:12) brad: i can't fix this bug.... need to get away from it. SLURPEE TIME!
(00:43:17) brad: back in 5.
(00:43:37) UWSherm: heh
(00:43:38) UWSherm: have fun
(00:51:11) brad: BROKE!
(00:51:22) brad: the slurpee machine was broken!
(00:51:29) UWSherm: DOH@#%@
(00:51:38) brad: i settled for a king sized butterfinger and dr. pepper, though
(00:51:43) brad: so i'm not too sad

(the reason it took me 8 minutes instead of 5 was because I stood around for 3 minutes absolutely confused as to what to do if I couldn't get a slurpee....)
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