Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


So tired. Long day ... got up early, was productive all day.

I thought I would finish the new support system today, and I have basically, but it's too untested to release and fall asleep right away. I'd wake up to tons of reports of bugs that I would've discovered myself in another half hour of testing... a half hour I don't feel like now. Anyway, it's lookin' pretty cool so far. I appreciate the code-cleanup more than anything, which isn't user-visible, but it feels nice. The LJ API has matured and expanded a lot since that code was originally written, so I've been able to delete huge amounts of code, which is nice. Simple = good.

Tomorrow --- I should be social. There are so many people I want to hang out with but never get around to it. Feel bad about that.



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