Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Errands, mouse, sleep?

I went downtown to do some errands. I bought a cable to hook my phone up to my laptop (which should arrive tomorrow?). It rang up at $40.00 instead of the $109.00 marked on the box. Which is good, since I coudl've bought it online for $40. The online store wouldn't ship it to me, though, since my credit card billing address is in Oregon, and I wanted it shipped to Seattle. I also bought a analog antenna sleeve so I can roam in Montana and other states without digital roaming. Oh, and at the Oregon coast.

Happiness is driving through the arboretum in the sun under the trees with the windows down, sunroof open, listening to Modest Mouse. Traffic sucked before and after that, but that made the drive worth it.

I should nap now ... I've slept about 5 hours total, but in little 1-2 hour chunks. So tired. Blythe and her sister want me to come over to their parents house for free food and beer. They're eating at 7 or 8, so I might do that if I have energy.

I'm feeling really pressured to finish a few dozen LJ projects before I leave on The Roadrip. I need to make sure the site's damn fast and reliable before I leave and throw it all on dormando.
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