Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Nick and I wrote a program once to flood a form on to request hundreds upon hundreds of AOL CDs, varying each form field enough that all our requests looked unique. Brad, Bradley, Bradly, Fitzpatrick, Fitzgerald, SW, S.W., Southwest, St, Street, St., etc.

I ran it once and the next week a huge bundle of CDs comes... heh. Then Nick runs it too long and AOL called him angry. His defense: "Why do you guys keep sending me all these damn CDs? I want you to stop right now!" They apologized to him and told him it wouldn't happen again. Heh.

Anyway, since then I've collected CDs. Whenever I see a free AOL CD promo at Office Depot or McDonalds or wherever I snag a few. A guy at Intel gave me 40-50 IBM and Windows 95 CDs. I have tons of Juno ones, MSDN, you name it.... everything. I have a huge bin of them.

I was just going through it to find Microsoft Streets (which I never installed), because I want to put it on my laptop and buy a GPS unit to track where we are while we drive.

Anyway, I found this ... IE 3.0.2 Security Update. Heh... buggy from day one, eh?

Back to digging through the CDs.

Heh: Windows 2000 RC2

Score: I also found Partition Magic 4.0 ... is that old? I think so. And I found Streets Plus, still in its case, but it's 1997 edition. I doubt that has GPS support. Maybe.
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