Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

intelligent conversations at 4am

(03:57:37) brad: LIKE MY PICTOR!?
(03:58:03) dormando: IT IS VERY GUD
(03:58:15) brad: I DRW IT AL BYU MYSELF
(03:58:20) brad: WIDH I AHD CRAYONS
(03:58:22) dormando: Wowowowow. Love the angle.
(03:58:25) brad: BUT I HATE THEM ALL
(03:58:36) brad: ATE
(03:58:37) brad: ATE
(03:58:38) brad: NOT HATE
(03:58:42) brad: I LUB CRAYONS
(03:58:59) dormando: so do I, so do I.
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