Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

beautiful, truly.

I'm waiting for some crap to install so I'll post. (Posting this from my laptop, btw... got LJ client installed in Windows)

Yeah, the screen is beautiful ... 1600x1200, on a laptop! The screen in HUGE! It's crystal-clear too... If I let you touch it, try not to hump it. If you do, though, I'll understand.

The keyboard is really easy to type on... that was my biggest concern.

Everything's damn fast, Office XP looks neat, there are tons of fun connectors in the back, there's a eraser mouse and a touchpad, and the batteries have a button on them you can press (when they're outside of the laptop) to tell you how charged they are...

everything's just so damn cool! I'm making partition magic boot disks now, then I'm going to install Linux.

Setting up networking was easy... plug the card in, DHCP gave it an address and the gateway... kick ass.

Update: DVD quality is wonderful, too! :-P

Update 2: Picture!

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