Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Laptop stuff is getting increasingly annoying. Now the eraser mouse stopped working, and only the touchpad works. Why? Who knows. I didn't even touch anything related to that. I hate the touchpad.

But that's in Windows. In X I can't get either to work. /dev/mouse is a symlink to gpmdata. Huh? I removed gpm. I think that should be symlinked to /dev/psaux instead. But then again, I don't really know Debian.

nVidia's latest driver has "experimental" support for the GeForce Go (Mobile) GPU. It works fine, if you read the instructions and see you have to insmod the kernel module with a parameter "NV_Mobile=1", where 1 means Dell. Of course, then I had to figure out how Debian handles /etc/modules.conf ... easy enough, but always more crap to learn.

I'm repartitioning now to get Suspend-To-Disk to work. You have to make a primary partition 4 with partition type a0, and then the BIOS will be able to find it. There's a tool on freshmeat to initialize the partition once you make it. I'm in Windows now using Partition Magic, but again it's doing some incredibly stupid stuff. I wanted to keep my Linux partitions at the end of the drive in place and shrink my windows partition by 300 MB and shift down 300 MB, then create the 300 MB S2D partition at the beginning of the drive.

But no... Partition Crapmagic decided to move all the partitions down 300 MB, since I had free space at the end of the drive still (which I hadn't formatted for Reiser yet).

So now Lilo won't be able to find anything, since everything has moved. So I'm probably fucked. I'll have to boot off my Debian install CD, drop into a shell, and re-run lilo or something.

I didn't really sleep last night. I got too much sun going out on the lake the other day, so now I'm itching all over. I'm tired... I want sleep. I want this laptop to work.

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