Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Mexican Food!

Blythe came over and we made our road trip plans. Tenatively, the schedule is as follows:

S 24th: Seattle, WA    -> Butte, MT  (10:00)
M 25th:                -> Rapid City, SD (10:56)
T 26th: (mt. rushmore) -> Le Mars, IA  (8:40)
W 27th: Iowa (tue night, wed day/night, thu afternoon)
H 28th:                -> Davenport, IA (7:04)
F 29th:                -> Trenton, OH (8:26)

Trenton -> Seattle:  43 hours, 46 mins
Now we're off to get an oil change, get a GPS & Map software, and go to Azteca for dinner.
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