Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Road Trip Update

Where do I start? So much to say and however I write this I won't be saying enough about all the cool stuff we've seen and done.

I suppose a brief summary will have to do.

We drove to Billings, Montana on Sunday, then to Le Mars, Iowa on Monday. We managed about 900 miles per day. Wonderful roads out in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. I got a speeding ticket in Iowa, 3 miles from our destination. Only $40, though, so I paid it there.

Ate well in Iowa, visited lots of relatives, hung out with cousins.

Before that we went to Mt. Rushmore and Wall Drug ... Blythe had never been to either of them. (Blythe has never been around this part of the country at all)

In Ohio now, chilling with Whitaker. We made it from Le Mars to Trenton in one day, driving the speed limit (+ 5), no less.

I'm absolutely loving not having Internet access... I didn't check my mail until a few minutes ago, and now I wish I didn't. LJ hasn't broke or anything, which is good, but all the crap email I've gotten just depresses me.

Spamming all the users to vote for LJ --- erg. I guess. But I have a tool to do that already, and the query to run on the database isn't just WHERE get_ljnews='Y' .. there are a dozen other things to check. DISTINCT email, status='A', statusvis='V', timeupdate > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH), etc... But whatever. Dormando and everybody managed fine. Noticed Dormando restarted some log.cgi processes... whoops. I thought I had done that. Guess not.

Been working on a big LJ project while Blythe drives.... so nice being able to work for hours at a time uninterrupted by stupid email. I think when I get back I'm going to enforce a strict rule of only having net access a few hours per day.... I'd be so much more productive.

I have a bunch of cool pictures I've taken, but I don't have a fast enough connection to upload them.

After a few days here in Ohio we're heading up to Chicago, then to Minneapolis where I have a crazy aunt with a houseboat. That'll be cool ... never been up there. Her place is right on our route, anyway, so that's very convenient.

Oh, Microsoft Maps & Streets is the coolest damn program ever. Love it. I love Windows 2000's laptop support, too.... hibernate, suspend, etc. all work! Linux APM shit sucks. I suppose I'll get it working some day, but right now it's painful to use.

The fuse blew in my cigarette lighter AC inverter, so unless I can find the replacement fuses, I won't have much laptop time on the way back.

Staying at a Marriot in Middletown, close to Trenton ... very nice hotel. (well, compared to the $38 rathole we stayed at in Billings) Coolest thing is it's got a pool! Think a bunch of us are going to go swim there tonight. If you're around the area (robobrien & others), we're at the Fairfield Inn (Marriot), in room 300... we probably won't be there. We'll be with whitaker, so mail him ( or something. We'll likely be swimming tonight, or I think I remember hearing about some party? Was that robobrien? Mail us if that's still going on.

Comments are off on this post because I don't want more mail.

Think we're going to go bug nolegs now.... we went in his house earlier but we couldn't find him. Guess he was in a closet or something.

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