Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Back from The Road Trip. It totally kicked ass.

Whitaker's here for a few days. We're going to go down to the Oregon coast in a day or so.

I'm not too thrilled to be back. I was much more happy away from everything. I'm back now and the house is a mess, our net connection isn't working that well, tons of people are bugging me about LJ crap, and I have a billion email messages to randomly read or delete. If you sent me something important and I don't respond, send it again in a week or something.

I got a ton of work done on my laptop while I was gone. I should leave more often. Eventually people will learn not to mail me and all will be well.

Perhaps I shouldn't say that... ever since I started complaining about mail volume the past year or so, the only people that stop mailing me are the people I actually want to get mail from. Presumably, they think I'm complaining about them and out of respect don't mail me. The misdirected mail from stupid people, however, is a constant. I'd rather have 500 messages with 250 good ones than 300 messages with 50 good ones. So perhaps I should just encourage everybody to mail me, then I'd be happy since I'd get my 250 good messages and I can think about those while I delete the other half.

I really hate running LiveJournal the service ... have I mentioned that four dozen times before? Probably. I love LiveJournal the code and LiveJournal the developer community, but I hate all the abuse issues, server issues, network issues, DDoS issues, tech support issues, etc.

I worked on S2 a ton over the trip. Damn fun. Gonna rock. More on that later, perhaps.

I stink. I need to do tons of laundry.

I'll put up all my pictures sometime today. Chuck told me our upload speed was capped again (previously, a guy that worked at @home had removed our upload cap). I should get DSL.

Can't wait to go to the beach. Whitaker has his laptop here ... we're going to do some mad hackin' on LJ at night while we're there.

Too much LJ talk. I need to stop doing that.

Off to do laundry.

Update: It's not all that bad. I shouldn't be that grumpy ... I'm not, really. I think everything coming at once kinda triggered my post. All is well enough.

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