Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle Eateries

Took Whitaker to Red Robin ... picked up Evan on the way. Chuck met us there half-way through to talk. Then we dropped off Evan and went with Chuck to Dick's (another place I had to show Whitaker, since he'd heard about it so much from us and Sir Mix-a-lot).

Tomorrow morning Chuck, Whitaker, and I are going out jet-skiin'. Tomorrow night Chuck's going to some party. Saturday morning we're picking his hung-over ass up in Gig Harbor, then heading down to the beach.

Room is getting clean.

I can't upload trip pictures because our cable modem upload cap is back in place, so uploading now goes at less than 15 kbps, and while it's uploading, we can only download at less than 15 kbps as well. (but once I kill the upload we can download at full speed again... most odd).

This sucks. I want DSL. @Home's routers are screwed twice a day anyway.

Oh, for road trip news, read this.

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