Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

beach weekend

The beach kicked ass. Everything about it just kicked ass. Best part was boogey boarding ... I guess I look like an Oompa Loompa in a wet suit with the hood on.

Got tons of sun and tons of cool pictures. I'll upload those later ... our cable modem rate-limiting is back on, so if I push data upstream faster than the limit, then I can't download hardly at all because my ACKs don't get sent back fast enough. Anybody know how I can use ipfilter to ratelimit myself to a few kbps below the limit @home imposes on me, but to not enforce the limit on packets with the ACK bit set? If I can get this going, then I can upload again without killing our home connection for everybody in the house. Die, @home. I want DSL.

Whitaker's having a helluva time getting back home ... his flight itinerary is messed up at nearly every layover, some airlines aren't serving his routes anymore, etc, etc. He's been on the phone for hours. I should keep him here to work on LJ all time with me... he's got mad skills but isn't given enough projects. He has to do 1.5 or 2 years of co-op for his college degree so we're gonna figure out how he can work for LJ during those summer months... that'd rule.

Got a ton of work done on S2 ... I'm loving that project. I'm writing tons of documentation, too. It'll be at a point in a few days I'm guessing that I'll be able to formally introduce it and start getting people's thoughts for the core layer (which defines all the classes that the layout, theme, i18n, and user layers have available). I should stop. Any information without giving all of it will just cause confusion.

I'm going to start going on 8-10 hour day-trips around Seattle to places with sufficient shade that 1) I won't burn myself, and 2) I'll be able to see my laptop screen (hence the 8-10 hours). The more I'm away from the Internet, the more I'm loving it. I love the net for the information (google searches) but I hate the distraction. I wish I had the will power not to check my email and LJ every 30 seconds. I also hate not being able to apt-get programs I forgot to put on my laptop. Then I get home and forget what I wanted.

Whitaker's still on the phone. Supposedly we have to drive out to the airport to clear things up in person. Two people have told him that now ... retarded. I don't mind driving, but the airlines are so stupid. I've heard him tell different people the same story nearly a dozen times. I hope he makes it back in time for his concert (which he was already going to make only by 20 minutes) ... the whole reason he booked his so damn early tomorrow morning (as opposed to a few days from now) is to make that concert. Now he's going to probably both miss the concert and miss hanging out more in Seattle. Shitty. But at least we've had fun while he's been here. Even though it'll be a little boring with him gone, it'll be nice to calm down and be anti-social again for a few days and get some more work done.

Getting tired... fighting the ocean currents for so many hours today killed me. Chuck and Whitaker took huge naps but I haven't yet. So now we get to head out to the airport to figure things out, then go back in 5 hours to drop him off. Might be easier to just stay awake the whole time, then nap tomorrow. Yay for screwed up sleeping schedules! :-)

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