Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

laptop happy

Went to Barnes & Noble with Blythe for awhile this evening and got coffee and sat around and hacked on S2. She read.

Came home and have been giving my Inspiron 8000[1] laptop lots of loving:

- kernel 2.4.6: feels a lot faster that 2.4.5... less swapping? power management is better too. well, I had an SMP kernel before on accident.

- pcmcia doesn't lock the laptop up anymore (no more SMP/APIC?)

- getting the internet keys working doing useful things

- fixed my xmodmap file to match my desktop, so my windows key isn't my meta key (so I can use ALT in X and in the console for doing the same thing in emacs)

- chmod -x a bunch of /etc/init.d scripts I don't always need = faster boots

- disable the touchpad since I never use it.

[1] for the search engines.... I'm extremely indebted to other people's write-ups i found from google. if anybody stumbles to my journal from a search engine, I'd love to be able to help them out.

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