Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Webby Awards

Well, won some Webbies. Kinda. In my interview with Sam Donaldson he told me I won two of the People's Choice awards but it was never announced during the show and we never got a physical trophy or anything.

There seemed to be a lot of anti-LiveJournal sentiment going around. Talked to Evan Williams of for awhile... seems like a cool guy. Talked to Craig of Saw Dancing Paul. (people were getting pictures with him... too bad I didn't bring my camera)

Cool people that won: Google. The Onion.

People that lost that I thought would win: Blogger. PayPal. I feel kinda bad that they didn't win... I was really expecting them both to, and then we won the awards for their categories in the People's Voice. *shrug*

Microsoft Windows Update got booed --- twice. Once when they were announced and once even more when they won the award. I felt sorry for the Microsoft guy that had to go pick up the award after they got the only boo-ing in the show.

The show was pretty neat... really artsy. They spent a lot of time with these little shows that could've been better if they were half as long. They said that due to time constraints they could only announce half of the People's Choice Awards so they asked the audience (tons of people) to yell out the categories to announce. Seemed suspicious... there was plenty of time to announce them, especially since the three they did announce took about 4 seconds each, and 7 seconds or so waiting to make sense of what people in the audience were shouting. (I think they were going to announce the same 3 categories regardless of what people were yelling...)

Oh well... we won the awards.

Other things that kinda sucked: 1) left my cellphone at Mark's so I couldn't call the guy from and meet up with him at the party. 2) the party was way too crowded (all 5 floors of it) so we left.

Going to watch some Southpark now and go to bed. Flight leaves for Seattle tomorrow morning at 9... Blythe's picking me up at 11.

Did some cool LiveJournal work on the flight down. I'm trying to finish up all my 90% completed projects. Having too many unfinished projects stresses me out, especially when they're so close to being done.

Mark's four cats love me. One's sitting on my lap now while I type watching the screen. It licks my finger every so often... I think it wants to type.

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