Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Airline Fun

My flight was supposed to leave SJC this morning at 9:37 or so ... I got there too late though so they bumped me, giving away my seat to a stand-by person, even though they were still in the boarding process. They told me to wait for the next flight, which was also overbooked, but I could take the 1:30 flight.

I had to back to Seattle. Blythe was leaving and I needed to spend time with her before she left for London for a month and a half.

I was talking to this really smart lady about the airline industry, open source (she brought it up), cellphone protocols, toilet paper, movies, you name it... very interesting lady. She'd worked at IBM when she was younger but now she was a grandma and was flying up (for free ... her daughter works for Alaska Air) to Seattle to see her grandkids. In the middle of one of our conversations she just darted off and I was like, "hm... that's odd." She then turns around and waves for me to follow her. She was running to the Portland gate and got us a flight on that one, then I took a little Portland to Seattle shuttle plane. All worked out in the end.

The flight from Portland to Seattle was wonderful ... so beautiful. Especially the end when we flew north past Seatac and circled around all of Seattle to fly back in going south. Seattle's a damn cool city.

Spent an hour or so with Blythe near the airport until her parents came to pick her up. I drove her car back here and her parents will pick it up later.

So now I have 45 days without Blythe. She's missing me already but I probably won't feel it for a week or so, then I'll be pathetically bored & lonely since I hardly hang out with other people.

I need to go take a shower now.... sitting on planes always makes me feel gross, especially those little planes that are always too hot & humid.
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