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Brad Fitzpatrick

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portland [Jul. 29th, 2001|11:30 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
watched a movie with the family... Family Man, I think it was called. Nicholas Cage as his best. bleh. so predictable.

sitting on the waterbed now, rebuiling my kernel so I can use a USB optical mouse I brought along... had all the modules but mousedev. i also brought an ergo keyboard so my wrists don't hurt using this laptop all day tomorrow, or however long i'm here.

new servers shipped so i think i have to go back to seattle tomorrow and set them up.

main reason to come down here was to go through the vehicle emissions check. i've been meaning to stay more than 2 days here in portland sometime but I guess it's not this time. think i'll go back tomorrow, build and install servers, then take the train back here and stay for a week or so.

go kernel build go.

drive down was nice... thought about a lot of things. relaxing.