Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

car clean

ma and i cleaned mah car... yessirree. i was gonna have it detailed (cause i'm lazy) but she offered to help clean it with me so that works.

only did the interior.. might do the exterior tomorrow or i'll take it through a car wash instead (cause i'm lazy)

now i'm gonna get back to email and getting patches in CVS.

at 6 i'm running with mike & garrett, then at 7 i think we're all join aaron & paul at some chinese place.

later on i'll probably chill with nick unless he's busy with his parents (bday party or something?). if he's busy then i'll call julie or dina and see what they're up to.

wow... you really wanted all the info, huh? yup. bet ya did.

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