Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

evening in review

What I was planning on doing:
-- go running
-- work on LJ

What I actually did:
-- went running at nike campuis with mike & garrett
-- came back and found myself locked out of the house (forgot the garage code)
-- wandered around the house looking for open doors and discovered we have a hot tub. (it's new... never seen it before.. forgot my parents were talking about getting one)
-- while waiting for mom to come home, jumped in the hot tub.
-- went to chevy's (mexican food) with mike, gar, aaron, and paul.
-- hung out with julie, played some pool.
-- went in hot tub with ryan and julie
-- played more pool.

Think I'm going to bed now. It's early but I have to be up at 9am tomorrow to get some scratches in my car's clearcoat buffed out, or something. They messed up... they're going to fix it.

Tomorrow's plan:
-- car appointment
-- work on LJ.

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