Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle, I'm back.

Back in Seattle. I stopped by Mike's on the way out to say goodbye to everybody (they were playing Dreamcast again). Just as I was about to make the turn in Portland to get on 405 North, Dina called me to tell me what bar they were at. I stopped by there for a bit and said hi & bye to that whole crowd, then got on the road again.

So now I'm home and my monitors look fuzzy (compared to my crisp-ass laptop), my keybindings in sawmill are all weird, and the house is disgusting (especially compared to my parent's emaculate house). However, I'm glad to be back.... I love my bedroom.

I think tomorrow will be cleaning day... wake up at noon, go to Safeway for deli food, get cleaning supplies, come back, clean everything, clean room.

Then the evening will be LJ work time (as always).. oh boy. Evan, you down for a night at InterNAP, after dinner perhaps?

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