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iBill can blow me

So I get mail from asked me to participate in their survey. Further, "The first 100 people to completely fill out the survey will receive an iBill T-shirt! Go for it and help us to help you!"[1]

So I fill it out (it's ColdFusion too btw, so that can blow me also) and it never even asks for my name, shipping info, etc.

Not only are they not sending me out a t-shirt, but they're making it 100% obvious they're not sending anybody one.

Let's contrast this to PayPal where I got a personal email, followed by a personal phone call, where I chit-chatted with a very nice lady for a half hour. Then I got a kick-ass t-shirt fed-exed to me the very next day. How cool is that?

I know whitaker and evan are tracking all the people and things that can blow me... what am I up to now? 8?

[1] Also of note, lame Jerry Mcguire rip-off.
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